Nutrition Genome Report

About Genetrition and the Nutrition Genome Report


Nutrigenomics is the study of how foods affect our genes and how individual genetic differences can affect the way we respond to vitamins, minerals, and compounds in the foods we eat. The genome is the complete set of DNA, and where you find the instructions to build health. The DNA remains fixed for life, but the epigenome remains flexible.

I created the Genetrition™ software to quickly, efficiently and affordably analyze a huge amount of genetic data and provide more precise and accurate dietary answers for cellular and biochemical dysfunction by discovering the “chinks” in your armor, and how to strengthen them. It does this by utilizing the research on nutrigenomics and epigenomics.

Nutrition has an “epigenetic” effect on our DNA. In other words, nutrition is one of the major ways we can change the destiny of our genetic health history and reverse disease statistics.

The reason that one diet cannot suit all of us and that population studies are continually contradictory with dietary advice is because we are all different. Genetics and biochemistry help us discover how we are different, and what we can do to potentially overcome disease susceptibilities through the understanding of epigenetics by applying it to our diet, lifestyle, and your environment.

Nutrigenomic Testing and the Nutrition Genome Report

The Genetrition™ software tests clinically relevant genes and determines your genotype for each gene. It does this by reading your DNA file from 23andme. Once these genotypes are determined, the software provides you research on how to epigenetically improve any gene variants, strengthen the “chinks” in your armor and lower the probability of disease and increase your athletic potential.

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