The Health Beat’s Recommendation For Best Cordyceps Products

Cordyceps have a wealth of research ranging from immunity, anti-cancer protection to athletic performance. Traditionally, cordyceps have been used by people in the Himalayas to adapt to high altitude. Both Cordyceps Militaris and Cordyceps Sinensis contain beta glucans, adenosine, cordycepic acid, cordycepin and other related compounds. These compounds help lower inflammation, reduce adrenal fatigue, and increase resistance to physical, mental and emotional stress.

Oriveda Cordyceps SM

Why it’s our favorite…

Oriveda is one of the only products that uses both cordyceps sinensis and militaris. Each capsule contains 430mg of pharmaceutical grade dual extracted cordyceps, which means you only require a fraction of the capsules to get the same effect.

  • Contains over 0.35 % adenosine
  • Contains over 1% of cordycepin
  • Contains over 17 % cordycepic acid

Cordyceps Militaris by Real Mushrooms

Why it’s our favorite…

Cordyceps Militaris by Real Mushrooms is an organic, fruiting body hot water extract without any grains or fillers. Many mushroom products use too much starch in the final product, diluting the total compounds per serving.

  • Contains >25% beta-glucans
  • Contains >0.3% cordycepin
  • Organic fruiting body without starch