The Health Beat’s Recommendation for Best Maitake Products

Maitake is a medicinal mushroom with impressive anti-cancer and immune boosting research.

Maitake by Oriveda

Why it’s our favorite…

ORIVeDA’s Grifolan is standardized for ≥ 40 % (1>3)(1>6)beta-glucans, has a glucan/protein ratio of 1.72 : 1 (close to the original d-fraction). The liquid form of maitake gold has 1 gram of extract dissolved in 30 ml of liquid. The recommended daily dosage is 8 – 16 drops daily, which equals 19 – 77 mg. The optimal dosage of this extract is, according to independent research, is approximately 420mg for the average size person daily for therapeutic doses. Each capsule of Oriveda contains 390mg.

  • Hot water extract with a high beta-glucan count
  • Potent formulation for therapeutic dosages