The Health Beat’s Recommendation for Best Prenatal

I highly recommend reading our Prenatal article to see everything that goes into choosing a prenatal.  

Naturelo Prenatal

Why it’s our favorite…

Naturelo is the #1 choice for prenatal vitamins.

  • Uses all of the B-vitamins in the correct form including 800mcg of methylfolate
  • Contains 200mg of magnesium citrate and 350mg of calcium, rare for a prenatal
  • Contains 100mg of choline, often missing from multivitamins

Mega Food Baby and Me 2

Why it’s our favorite…

This formula uses whole foods, synthesized nutrients like methylcobalamin and choline, and brewer’s yeast for certain vitamins and minerals.

  • 300mg of choline, rare to find in a prenatal
  • 600mcg of methylfolate from broccoli
  • Normal levels of B12 as methycobalamin, whereas many formulas use very high amount

FrontRunners Baby’s Best Start Prenatal

Why it’s our favorite…

Frontrunners Prenatal provides the right forms of the vitamins and minerals at an affordable cost.

  • 800mcg of methylfolate and 10mcg of methylcobalamin
  • 27mg of iron for those low in iron