Basketball has become a sport where the biggest and strongest also move the fastest. You need to be able to sprint at a moments notice, squat, jump, pass, all while you keep moving. Like boxing, you want to perfect the art of moving like a butterfly and stinging like a bee.  Stick and move, pick and roll, and juke your opponent out of his socks. No matter what your size, you need to learn how to be light on your feet. If you spend most of your time posting up, get use to having heavy weight on your back with squats.

Monday 5 Round Circuit for Time
Power clean to push press: 5×5 or heavy squats 5×5. Alternate each week.
Plyometric jumps with Dribble Stick Trainer: 5 sets of 20
Ball slams: 5 sets of 20
Toes to bar: 5 sets of 20

Sprints: 30 seconds max effort, 90 second rest for 8 rounds.

5 Rounds
15-25 clapping pushups
20 Wall Balls
20 Jumping lunges

Sprint to the end of the court. Drop and do 10 clapping pushups. Sprint back to the wall. Using a 20lb medicine ball, squat and throw over a designated point then jumping lunges. 1 round.

100 jumping to the bar pull-ups (10×10)
100 pushups (10×10)
100 air squats (10×10)
Jump rope double unders  (10×10)

Time it.



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